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What else could you do if you had powerful energy, razor-sharp clarity, and improved strength & endurance?


Energize your body + Revotalize your Life with the BioCharger!

Group BioChats ~ $25
Personal Individual Session ~ $30
Monthly Membership ~ 4 visits $100

I'm so excited to introduce my new partner, "Bea" the BioCharger! With 1200+ recipes, you can recharge your mind and body!

Stay tuned, more to come!

Each BioCharger session surrounds your entire body with four distinct harmonious energy fields. These transmitted energies have been proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity. 

NATURE'S ENERGY - Nature's energy is all around us and is generated continuously. We often take these energies for granted - think of sunlight or even a gentle breeze. Energy informs and supports our physical, mental, and emotional bodies, restoring and balancing cellular function. It is as fundamental as food when evaluating wellness.  

93% of our time is spent indoors, away from nature. Harness the power of nature and fuel your body with the energy it needs to recover, repair, and optimize. 

With the BioCharger, you'll experience:

Say goodbye to sluggish days. Recharge your energy and find the willpower to finish tasks and everyday chores.

Bounce back from stressful situations, energize after an exhausting day or support your recovery process after an exercise injury.

Get the most out of your body. Reach new levels, conquer your goals, and continue to perform at your best.

Achieve your goals more easily by aligning your mind and body. Get laser-focused and work efficiently.

Make sure your body and mind are prepared for the upcoming challenges with a good night's sleep.


The BioCharger NG helps improve mobility and flexibility, accelerates muscle recovery, and reduce stiffness in joints.

Improve your vitality and revitalize your lifestyle by enhancing your balance with the BioCharger NG.

Empower your life with natural energies! The BioCharger NG replenishes your body with natural energies it lacks due to the modern lifestyle.

Get on the path to optimized wellness by using light energy to boost nutrient absorption, enhance rejuvenation, elevate mood, improve sleep quality, and promote healthy skin.

Experience the transformative power of frequencies and harmonics that can elevate your mood and cognition, boost your energy levels, and accelerate your body's ability to recover.

Explore a new level of vitality with voltage energy that revitalizes and rejuvenates your body, while supporting better cognitive function, leading to a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

Discover a stronger and healthier version of yourself with PEMFs energies. Promote faster recovery, relieve daily irritations, and optimize your cellular health. 

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